I bought the package, what’s next?

Based on some early feedback we discovered that it was too much to download all at once, so we thoughtfully divided the download of documents into 2 parts – A & B.

Part A

Part A will require a longer investment of time. You must read through the Settlement Agreement &/or Parenting Plan and make it your own.

You will need to have your finances in order to complete the required Financial Affidavit provided to you.

For divorce customers, we provide you a tool to help you with the division of marital assets and debts that we call the Equitable Distribution Chart. If you have children’s issues, you will also receive a UCCJEA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act).

Complete these forms and upload them to your customer portal along with the Credit Card Authorization Form used only for your filing fee and a copy of your Florida Driver’s License

(NOTE: Your Florida Driver’s License must show residency for 6 months prior to the filing of your petition).

Part B

We made Part B as easy for you as can be!

Upon uploading your documents from Part A, you will be asked some basic identification questions which automatically fill out the rest of the forms.

All you have to do is click on each form and electronically sign them!

What happens after I electronically signed all the forms?

We use the credit card information you provided to us to file your case in the proper court depending on where you live and submit the Final Judgment (of divorce or paternity) with the copy of your Florida Driver’s License (used to prove residency) to the court to finalize your case!

What is the Settlement Agreement?

If you are married, you need a Marital Settlement Agreement.

If you are not married but have at least one child, you need a Parenting Plan Settlement Agreement.

If you are married and have children, you need both.

The draft settlement agreement we provide you has been curated and improved upon over many years. It contains what is commonly referred to as “boilerplate” suggested language used by our lawyers in their current ongoing, expensive litigation cases.

There are FIVE special sections that require your specific facts and agreements.

We recommend a consultation with a lawyer if you have any legal questions, comments, or concerns.